Media PRO Web Design Galway has started while Stefan was upskilling from Web Designer to Web Developer. Stefan was working before as electronic debug engineer, having his own company right here in Galway, offering support and repairs to home users. In 2007 after a marketing course he learned that it would be much cheaper for him and his crew to advertise on-line using ad-words and Search Engine Optimization to help rank well in Google, than paying ads in newspapers.

Then a new self development path has begun. He turn out to Google for help and help he has found.  Matt Cutts, who is the leading Google‘s Web Spam team is offering a lot of training materials and free advices directly from the makers of Google. He was able this way to follow and test in very close detail every bit of information Matt was releasing. A year later Stefan was already doing his very own SEO for his prior Computer Hardware business, thus eliminating the cost of advertising in Newspapers and other useless methods.

With time he learned how to make websites using HTML & CSS. Playing with different Content Management Solutions has made him a very fast learning web designer. As a Google enthusiast, he mixed his skills and helped couple of businesses to start their presence on-line. This is where he observed how dependant many small and medium SME’s are on Google. Another advantage he had was that  he was skilled and certified by Adobe, for Photoshop and Dreamweaver, which allowed him to manipulate images using digital imaging techniques and deploy fast websites.

Always learning, he went into Web Development courses and managed to add PHP and MySQL to his CV. Adding JavaScript, Java and C to his Skill bag, he easily applied his now strong knowledge and started to play with and other programming languages. Having those skills and the prior ones he need just one more step before starting again this time on the niche of Web Design and Web Development. A young and dynamic super skilled team. The search started and these lucky strikers joined him. The the team was handpicked by Stefan, at first as collaborators and Media PRO Web Design was born. So here is our team:



Web Developer - Public Relations

Honest, looking out for his team and customers. Always up to mischief. Takes a lot off rich blended coffees at every project. A big fan of 1px lines, Bavarian beer, European foods, ancient Christmas carols, sunlight, paper lanterns, Teutonic history, and almond milk lattes.
Very skilled web developer with a unique ability for problem solving.