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Website speed effect on organic searches after the Core Web Vitals update

According to Neil Haig, an expert in international SEO, speaker and author,Website Speed is already a ranking factor along with many others, as the page experience one will be and we shouldn’t expect an “extreme” shift in our rankings due to it.“ Stefan seems to agree with it and even says “Hardly any IMHO, it’s a PR play and it’s already in the algorithm. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore this.”

Overall all the experts who took part in the chat agree that we shouldn’t expect a dramatic immediate shift in our SEO rankings as a result of the Core Web Vitals update for a number of reasons. These new metrics are just 3 out of 200 other ranking factors and they will not get special priority so their relative weight will be quite low. Furthermore, Google will roll this update slowly starting in May till August 2021 to gather data, so any changes would not have an immediate impact.

Stefan from Media PRO Web Design, our Web Development Team Leader and WordPress Initiatives Manager expects that this update will have “a bigger impact on small-volume keywords, local searches and niche ones where there aren’t big, authoritative sites that have already optimized their content.” If your site is already fast, you have fewer reasons to worry.

A few things you should do are:

  • Optimize your images
  • Add Lazy load of images
  • Use caching for static assets
  • Serve an alternative image format like WebP
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Limit third party script
  • Uninstall unnecessary plugins
  • Get a fast cloud hosting like Irish Hosting
  • Use MemcacheD & Varnich Caches.
  • Use CDN’S
  • Do not use custom fonts.
  • disengage in Thir-Party scripting running on your site
  • Block Image linking from your host

After you have successfully done all of the above, your site should run under 1 second,  making it fast enough to avoid Google Penalties. As we are aware that most users are finding the tasks above hard to achieve, we put together a nice pack. Let us do this for you.

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