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Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends

What You Can Do Now To Keep Your Website Current

Web Design Trends have seen many chances in the recent months. This year we’ve seen many advancements in technology which have allowed web designers more versatility with their approach.  We can only expect these advancements to compound in the next year, which will open up even more significant doors for businesses to present themselves in fresh and unique ways.  With that in mind, it’s wise to anticipate those opportunities so your brand can begin positioning itself to take advantage of these innovations.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has been around for several years now.  However, with the increased use of mobile devices, this trend still tops our list because of how foundational it is to any business’ on-line success. Responsive web design allows your website to display perfectly for all users regardless of the device they use to access your site. This is absolutely essential given that this year more people accessed the internet from a mobile device than laptops and desktops combined. If your website is still neglecting its mobile audience, it’s long past time to get on board.  Alienating this audience will mean a continued drop in conversion for your website.  Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to drive traffic to your website, so when they’ve finally landed, it’s foolish to lose them over such an easily resolved issue as this.

responsive website design

Use of Large Background Images And Videos

Use of large background images and videos is a trend that emerged this year and will continue into the following years. With faster internet speeds and advanced technology, it’s become possible to display large images and videos without significantly affecting website load speed. Large and beautiful image content is one of the best ways to make your website stand out. You’re now able to creatively captivate your audience with fast loading and subtle video backgrounds that increase visitor retention and conversion. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten thousand.  However, it’s important to balance all this media content with compelling website copy.  Yes, you still need to use words.  Not only is it essential to provide your visitors with the information they seek, it’s also critical if you have any hopes of Google placing your website at or near the top of their search result.

Web Design Trends

Today’s web design is continually enhancing user experience by providing an interactive experience between the user and the device. For this reason, scrolling is gradually dominating clicking because it is seen more intuitive, easy to use, and in many cases reduces load time. When introducing a visitor to your website, it’s best that all the relevant information be streamlined on the home page so the user can get a solid overview of your products, services, and how your company stands out among the rest. However, it’s also important to allow that visitor to click into deeper information on a subject of interest.  Not only will this provide the best user experience, it will also allow you to rank for additional search phrases, since trying to cram all your keywords on your home page violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. Combining the elegance of scrolling home pages with the functionality & power of multi-page navigation, will give you the best as it relates to user experience and search engine exposure alike.

Web Design Trends

Creative Typography

When it comes to marketing your website, content is king.  We know that.  However, when someone visits your website to learn more about what your business offers, are they met with worn-out and boring fonts, or are you engaging your user with something that shows off a bit more personality?
It used to be that creatively displaying your content with engaging fonts was expensive.  However, these days, there are hundreds of options available for free.  One word of caution here…  You want to make sure that the font choice you select is something that is compatible among various browsers.  The last thing you want is a percentage of your users being served up a default font that does not blend well with the rest of your website because a certain browser or device can’t display the font correctly.  In order to avoid this, your best bet is to choose a Google font.  You’ll certainly find one that is both unique and also displays correctly among all current devices.


Flat Web Design Trends

Over the past 5 years or so Flat Web Design Trends have changed the way we experience both print and digital media. Gone are the gradients and bubble-like glossy icons of  the past years. Today, flat and minimal design has taken over.  One of the major influences of this influx of mobile users accessing the web. Flat design loads faster and displays more elegantly on hand held devices than their counterpart.  Additionally, with wearable devices becoming more popular, flat design actually displays more realistically on curved surfaces than 3D images – as counter-intuitive as that sounds.


Pictures are worth a thousand words… But not really. 

More and more emphasis is being placed on saying more with pictures. When you land on a website, the first thing your eyes are drawn to are the images, right?  Of course.  However, if you don’t provide text content to elaborate on those graphics, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. We’ve talked in previous posts about Google’s Panda algorithm which deals directly with the amount & quality of content on your website.  If you try to get away with detailed graphics and a few bullet points to quickly convey your message, the angry Panda will slap you down for “thin content,” and you won’t be rewarded with the search engine rankings you’d otherwise enjoy.  Your web pages should have absolutely no less than 300 words of text if you want that page to rank in Google.  However, Web Design Trends show us that most designers will tell you that text-heavy websites are on their way out, Google is saying the opposite.  There are many studies that show that web pages with a thousand words or more (all other things being equal) far outrank websites with less content. With that said, the last thing you want to do is lose your visitor by having massive blocks of text that go on and on.  However, by breaking up this text with images and a well-designed layout, you can both keep your visitor engaged, and avoid missing opportunities in the search results.

In conclusion, many of the web design trends of this year will be carried on into the next. However, the most important aspects of these trends deal directly with the mobile user’s experience.  Trends come and go, but at the end of the day, people are looking for a website that is fast, visually appealing, and informative. If you’re website is in need of a face lift, use this post as your guide to avoid common oversights and inspire your creativity. If you’d like to consult with us on your project, we’re always here to help.

Media PRO Web Design Galway is growing:

Javascript Web DesignImpact Web Design Galway joins our team. Our main Coordinator, Stefan has managed to obtain 51% from of the company Impact Web Design Galway. Edward and Patrick also have a share of 32.5 in this great graphic design agency based in Galway City. We are going to keep all the staff working there employed and we are proud to welcome all of them in our team, as these changes came into effect. That means practically we are growing in numbers. More quality developers create a bigger and more resourceful Web Design Company in Galway.

Impact Web Design is a small little agency formed by a graphic designer, a web developer, a database administrator and of course couple of Search Engine optimisers. Their experience is now added with ours so that we can provide you with a better product, in shorter time.

Different Web Design  styles combined.

We are most happy about this beautiful team outcome as now we can combine our web design style which is know as 3D Designs, with the graphic designers from Impact Web Design. Their graphical team is more into Flat Web Design and graphical art which is a big trend this year and apparently will grow even more in 2015.

Flat Web Designgraphic designer galway

Flat Web Design refers to a website with simple, graphic style common in user interface (UI), software and Web design. The flat style contrasts with skeuomorphism, a design approach that seeks to bring real-world effects to the items that are represented. All the pictures included in this small articles are examples of Quality Flat Web Design. The techique used is quite complicated. To create such visual immersive flat web designs takes time and extreme knowledge of certain adobe software, but not only.

We use flat design to create logos, pictures, sliders, flyers, business cards corporate identity packs and more.

As a thank you for visiting our website, we wish to give you a full set of a Corporate identity for free.




Web Design Guide Book

Web Design Guide Book

One of the most important and effective solutions to use a web website, is for collecting new information, leads and increasing sales. An excellent enterprise specializes in many different locations of ecommerce, which implies they will setup an online shop for you and also you can start off bringing in new sales and leads 24 hours every day.

If you go to a large web design organization the chances are they outsource the work to a freelance web page designer just like I do inside the majority of cases. You may possess a present net web site design and style project, you might be updating an existing web-site, or simply considering finding out new capabilities. If that’s the case then this article can help you with your design and style course of action decision generating.

When your field of experience incorporates nothing at all associated to computers or the internet, defining what you need in a web design can really feel burdensome. Having said that, I was tired of running behind providers, waiting for their updates on my web site style. You must very first develop a strategic program and style your web site accordingly. Before designing you should possess a clear understanding about just what it takes to achieve success. But these ambitions are practically not possible to achieve without the need of understanding the rules that govern the style. Look for books on web web page and web design. Use the net – you can find a large number of web sites that have tutorials and explanations of each facet of design and implementation.

Moreover to web design and accepting sales by means of it, you can find also several other components to creating a profitable business on the net, for example possessing the correct content, which aids with getting your sites ranked inside the search engines like Google. Getting a custom logo style can also be crucial, as this can play into creating a powerful brand for the enterprise. It is also often vital to possess a highly effective organization management platform to handle all of your sales and book keeping. Application style function is another solution, for just about any firms or organizations who need to make their own in home software.

Make the most of the ideal of dynamic style, enabling you to design and style, create, and keep exceptional standards-based Internet sites. This makes the design of the ecommerce web page even less complicated. The entire method of web-site development is inside a phased manner, thereby lowering any probabilities of any discrepancy though designing your site.

Placing with each other a web site is a unique blend of publishing, user interface design and style, and technology. You will find arguments for performing your website design in-house. It can be hard adequate looking to uncover a corporation with one of these expertise, let alone discovering the talent in-house.